The number 1 laboratory for analysis of milk and dairy products in the fields of food safety, quality and nutritional value.

Inspection & certification

Experts in inspections and certification throughout the dairy chain, from raw milk production, logistics and processing to retail.

Calibration & proficiency testing

Knowledge, experience and support for the reliable quality assurance of milk product analysis results, with the use of high-quality calibration and control samples, proficiency tests and innovative digital systems.

Milk Competence Center

Innovative and advanced data platform for effective and reliable information exchange between dairy companies and dairy farmers to promote quality, transparency and sustainability.

Qlip accredited for plant-based dairy alternatives

We are proud to announce that Qlip has been accredited for various research parameters in dairy alternatives.

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About Qlip

Qlip is the independent expert in the field of analyses, inspections and certification in the dairy chain worldwide.

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Innovation and contract research

Our specific knowledge and expertise with dairy is invaluable for innovation. New technologies, methods, products and services are developed together with customers, research institutes, suppliers and startups.

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Latest news

Read the latest news about our products and services, the Qlip organisation, press releases and important announcements.