Pro Weideland certification

Qlip is recognised as a certification body by the German Weidecharta GmbH for conducting inspections for Pro Weideland. The assessors, auditors and certification managers are trained in the Pro Weideland standard. Qlip can provide Pro Weideland certification for dairy farmers, transporters and production locations/dairy processors.

What is Pro Weideland?

Pro Weideland’s aim is to keep dairy farming based on meadow grazing economically attractive, because farms that keep cows on pasture will be reimbursed for the extra costs they entail for grazing. The consumer appreciates the added value of this form of dairy farming, being willing to pay a higher price for these dairy products.

Several organisations from the agriculture, politics, dairy farming, environmental, nature, consumer and animal protection sectors are responsible for setting these criteria. The label is managed by Pro Weideland – Deutsche Weidecharta GmbH. More information can be found on the Pro Weideland website.