Our mission

“Qlip supports the international dairy chain in order to strengthen the quality assurance of leading players in the dairy sector by being a leading, innovative, reliable and committed TIC partner in the areas of food safety, quality, composition and sustainability.”

Traditionally, Qlip has supported the dairy chain. Its scope of activities ranges from the farm, during transportation, through processing to the final product in the supermarket.

Historically, Qlip has always been very active in the Dutch dairy sector. On farms, during the transport of raw milk and processing of milk in dairy processing facilities to the final dairy products in the store. For example, Qlip analyses over 13 million samples of raw cow’s and goat’s milk every year, commissioned by dairies and dairy herd improvement organisations.

Qlip’s chemical and microbiological laboratory processes over 600,000 analyses per year. Testing mainly applies to raw and heat-treated milk, cheese and cheese products, butter and milk fat products, powdered milk products and infant formula. Over 15,000 reviews and audits are carried out throughout the chain every year.

The Milk Competence Center, better known as Z-net, is a part of Qlip. Z-net is the innovative data platform for effective and reliable information exchange between dairy companies and dairy farmers to promote quality, transparency and sustainability.

Our core value

Qlip is mainly active within the dynamic environment of the Dutch dairy sector. This places high demands on its entrepreneurship. The working method, attitude and mindset of the employees stem from the following core values:


One of our core values is the strong ability to analyse. Our entire organisation is focused on this. This ability, combined with punctuality and accuracy, makes the organisation highly effective.


We are a commercial, transparent organisation with a professional attitude. Our employees have maximum loyalty to our customers and to the organisation, and they work together within a customer and result-oriented environment.


Based on our expertise and industry knowledge, we know how to distinguish ourselves in our markets in terms of quality and content. We know what is going on in the market and adjust our services to current events if required. All this is guaranteed by a systematic training programme.


Our company is progressive. We work in an effective, sustainable, innovative and creative way with our customers and partners. We put our customers first, and are ready when they need us in order to arrive at solutions that lead to the highest achievable result and quality.

Governance & organisation

The management board of Qlip B.V. consists of one general director. He is responsible for managing the company, in particular with regard to Qlip’s strategy and business policy. The director is accountable to a supervisory board, which supervises the general corporate policy and provides the director with advice..

Qlip B.V. is a subsidiary of MLZ Holding B.V.. This parent company was founded in 2014 by Stichting Beheer LZ Agro Kwaliteitsborging, the sole shareholder of the company. MLZ Vastgoed B.V. and Ansynth Service B.V. are two sister organisations of Qlip, which also fall under the responsibility of the general manager.


Qlip has a flat organisational structure with short lines of communication. Due to our flat organisational structure we work with great decisiveness within all functions, and many responsibilities lie on the work floor.


Reliability, expertise and impartiality form the basis of our services and products. This is ensured through accreditation and regular checks by the Accreditation Council.

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New technologies, standards, methods and products are developed together with customers, research institutes, suppliers and startups.

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How are sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility embedded and implemented in the genes and primary processes of Qlip?

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