In dairy farming, quality assurance is an integral part of the quality strategy of the receiver and/or processor of the milk that you produce. A demonstrable assurance of the production process on dairy farms is also a crucial element in the trade and export of milk and dairy products. As a dairy farmer you are an essential link within the process of responsible dairy production. The receiver of the milk produced on your farm requires proof from you that your management is assured in a number of aspects. You will find all the relevant points in the quality system Keten Kwaliteit Melk (Quality Milk Chain – KKM).

In addition to assuring the production process, themes such as responsible production are becoming increasingly important.

The 2020 protocol of the Milk Quality Chain programme consists of six modules:

  1. Dairy farm
  2. Veterinary medicines
  3. Animal health and animal welfare
  4. Feed and water
  5. Milk extraction and cooling
  6. Sustainable dairy farming

This protocol is the result of a close collaboration with the receivers and/or processors of milk produced on dairy farms. The demands arising from European hygiene regulations with regard to food production that apply to all dairy farmers were taken into account throughout the composition of the manual, as were aspects including all relevant Dutch legislation and regulations

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