Continuous development of knowledge and expertise is crucial. New technologies, methods, products and services are developed together with customers, research institutes, suppliers and startups. Qlip has its own Innovation and Business Development team with a range of specialists.

Qlip’s innovation programme is strongly related to the goals of the Dutch Sustainable Dairy Chain. The focus is on the following goals:

  • Energy neutral 2030
  • Animal health and welfare
  • Preservation of grazing

New indicators are developed within various projects from indicators in milk that provide insight into the monitoring of, among other things, feed efficiency, metabolism, animal health and animal welfare.

From data to information

Daily large volumes of data are generated through analyses, assessments, inspections and certification activities. Creating value from this big data is a key element of our strategy.

We are developing management indicators for dairy farming and the dairy industry using predictive data analysis, using test results such as infrared spectra, inspection data and metadata. We do this in dialogue with customers, suppliers and the internal organisation. Qlip thus plays a key role in data-driven innovations in management information for chain partners, risk analysis, business optimisation and quality assurance.

Contract research in dairy

Qlip has many options in house to conduct specific and routine analyses for R&D projects.

We contribute our knowledge and expertise to various research projects with recognised institutes, dairy companies and suppliers. Analyses and validations are carried out in the context of these research projects.

MicroVal Expertlab

MicroVal is an international certification organisation for the validation and approval of alternative methods for the microbiological analysis of food and drinks. MicroVal enables validation and certification according to ISO 16140-2: 2016, ISO/16140-6: 2019 and other validation standards. A MicroVal certificate shows that a proprietary method even performs well as the internationally standardised reference method.

Qlip is recognised by MicroVal as an expert lab, and coordinates and supervises the three phases of the validation procedure:

  1. Development of the validation protocol
  2. A comparison study of the alternative method with the reference method
  3. An inter-laboratory study of both methods

Do you want to use our specific dairy knowledge and expertise within your project? You’re welcome to contact us.