Dairy products

The quality, food safety and nutritional value of dairy products are of great importance. Qlip is the leading dairy laboratory and has the specific knowledge, experience and technology. An extensive portfolio of accredited chemical and microbiological analyses is available for various purposes and dairy product matrices.

Product quality & composition

Analysis is conducted on the composition of dairy products for final inspection, export release and quality assurance. Qlip has the experience and expertise to perform these analyses with fast turnaround times. Read more

Process control & optimisation

Insight into the composition and quality of process flows is essential for efficient and profitable production during the production process of dairy products. Read more

Food safety & hygiene

Food safety is our top priority. Qlip has a range of recognised methods available for guaranteeing food safety and hygiene monitoring. Read more

Nutritional value

Analysis of nutritional values, the so-called ‘Big 8’, enables dairy processors to meet the set requirements of quality and labelling. Read more

Amino Acid Analysis

Amino acids are the building block of proteins and indispensable in countless biological processes throughout our body. Read more

Farm milk

More than 13 million samples of cow’s and goat’s milk are analysed for quality and composition in a highly automated and advanced laboratory every year. This concerns samples from bulk milk deliveries and individual animals. The results are used for quality assurance, milk payment, management information and breeding purposes.

Quality & composition

In our highly automated and advanced routine laboratory, more than 1.8 million tank milk samples are analysed every year for quality and composition on behalf of dairy companies. Read more

Contaminants & residues

The monitoring programme for contaminants and residues in farm milk is carried out in the dairy laboratory. This programme is coordinated by the Dutch Dairy Association. Read more