Qlip has an extensive network in the dairy and laboratory sector, nationally and internationally. In this way the organisation remains informed of developments and can make a valuable contribution based on its dairy expertise and years of experience.

International Dairy Federation – IDF

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) represents the global dairy sector, and ensures the best scientific expertise is used to support high quality milk and nutritious, safe and sustainable dairy products.

IDF proactively contributes to the development of science-based globally harmonised standards, guidelines, codes of practice and related methodologies across all working areas, to continually improve regulatory environments for the dairy sector. It does this through proactively engaging with key international organisations and influencers such as the international food standards-setting body Codex Alimentarius and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). IDF also identifies knowledge gaps, prioritises its activities, proposes solutions and seeks a consensus on these.

Qlip plays an active role within IDF and makes an important contribution within various working groups.

International Committee for Animal Recording – ICAR

ICAR, an international non-governmental organisation (INGO), provides an open yet secure network to share with, learn from and interact with fellow members and related stakeholders in global animal production. By cooperating, sharing and enabling, ICAR strives to stimulate animal production around the globe that is more sustainable and efficient than the sum of the individual contributions. Based on its expertise in the field of milk analysis, Qlip is closely involved in various ICAR projects.

Dutch Dairy Association – NZO

The Dutch Dairy Association is an association of the Dutch dairy industry, representing the interests of thirteen dairy companies. Together these companies process 98% of the milk in the Netherlands into a wide range of dairy products: from beverages, infant formula and children’s food, cheese and desserts to ingredients for the broader food industry and the pharmaceutical sector. NZO aims to reinforce its members’ abilities to produce and market their products.

Qlip is in close contact with and carries out various assignments for the Dutch Dairy Association. A good example is the execution of the monitoring programme for contaminants and residues in Dutch farm milk.


ZuivelNL is the organisation of the Dutch dairy sector, established by the Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture (LTO) and the Dutch Dairy Organisation (NZO). The organisation’s mission is to strengthen the Dutch dairy chain in a way that respects the environment and society.

ZuivelNL is active in areas in which collaboration between the various links in the dairy chain brings added value to the dairy sector. The main focus of its activities is on a number of thematic groups, active in specific fields, which serve as a consultation and action platform for the organisation’s members and partner organisations.

For the government, as well as third parties, ZuivelNL is the organisation for the Dutch dairy supply chain that forms the neutral point of contact for the dairy industry. ZuivelNL is the platform on which agreements regarding mutual regulation and finance come into being.

Qlip carries out various assignments and projects on behalf of ZuivelNL.


MicroVal is an international certification organisation for the validation and approval of alternative methods for the microbiological analysis of food and beverages. MicroVal facilitates validation and certification for ISO 16140-2:2016, ISO 16140-6:2019 and other validation standards.

A MicroVal Certificate shows that a proprietary method performs equally well as the internationally standardised reference method.

Qlip is an independent MicroVal expert laboratory that executes validation studies in the field of dairy.

Union Internationale des Laboratories Indépendants – UILI

The Union Internationale des Laboratories Indépendants is the worldwide organisation for testing and calibration laboratories and scientific consultants. UILI represents their professional and commercial interests on an international basis. It provides a forum for the international exchange of views on matters of common interest, and has established an international network of scientific contacts to act in the professional and commercial interests of its members. It promotes the international status of laboratories and scientific consultants and emphasises the importance of their role in international trade.