With the increasing valorisation of milk the emphasis is increasingly on optimising processes. This will lead to greater value and profitability. In close collaboration with the customer, programmes and analyses are developed to support this goal.

Improving production efficiency

Samples are taken during the production process for the monitoring and control of production of all types of whey products. These samples are analysed for composition parameters such as protein, non-protein nitrogen, dry matter, lactose and fat.

As a control measure, for example in the pasteurisation of cheese milk, analyses are carried out on dry matter, protein and phosphatase activity. This is done before and after curdling the milk.

In practice, dairy companies often use their own measuring instruments, frequently based on infrared technology, to monitor production processes. Dairy companies can obtain reliable analysis results by properly securing these measuring instruments. Effective safeguarding can be achieved through the use of specific calibration and control samples and participation in proficiency tests. Qlip has the experience, knowledge and products to support dairy producers in this field. More information about this service can be found under ‘calibration & proficiency testing‘.