Raw milk production

High demands are placed on the production of raw milk. Dairy farmers are expected to demonstrate that milk is produced safely, with attention to animal health and welfare. On behalf of dairy companies Qlip monitors whether dairy farmers comply with the standards and requirements laid down in the various quality assurance programmes, such as the Quality Milk Chain (KKM).

Quality Milk Chain (KKM)

The Quality Milk Chain (KKM) is Qlip's own quality assurance scheme for raw milk production. By participating in KKM the dairy farm can demonstrate that milk is produced safely and responsibly. For many processors of raw milk, KKM is an integral part of their quality assurance policy. Read more


KwaliGeit is the quality assurance scheme of the Dutch Goat Dairy Organisation (NGZO). KwaliGeit has been set up for goat’s milk by the collectors and processors of goat’s milk to demonstrate that it is produced safely and responsibly. Read more

Dairy processing

Logistics, production and processing of dairy products are subject to strict requirements by government agencies, producers and retailers, and must comply with international recognised quality systems. Qlip provides audits and certification of various internationally recognised food safety schemes such as BRC, FSSC22000 and IFS in the dairy processing industry.

Process certification

Process certification is Qlip's own safety scheme. A number of specific process certification systems have been developed in collaboration with the dairy sector. Read more


Food safety certification according to the British Retail Consortium. Audits are performed by experienced auditors with extensive experience and expertise in dairy production. Read more

FSSC 22000

The globally recognised FSSC 22000 food safety certification provides a framework for managing responsibilities in food safety and quality. It also promotes consistency of standards through transparency of food safety policies. Read more

International Featured Standard

The International Featured Standard (IFS) establishes criteria drawn up by the French and German retail industry and therefore covers the demands of mainly German and French buyers. Read more

Information certification

Documents issued by Qlip related to our certification activities can be found in our customer certification portal. In this way companies have all documents of the certification schemes for which certification or registration has taken place available to them. Read more


Producers, retailers and consumers expect products to be produced in a sustainable and socially responsible way. This is demonstrated by certification. Qlip offers various certifications in relation to sustainability, such as meadow milk, On the Way to PlanetProof, VLOG etc.

Meadow milk

Meadow milk comes from farms where the cows are free to roam in meadows for at least 120 days each year and for at least 6 hours a day. The milk is collected separately and is an ingredient in various dairy products. Read more


With VLOG certification it can be demonstrated that genetically modified organisms are not used in the entire chain (feed industry, milk production and production of dairy products). Read more

Pro Weideland

The Pro Weideland label is a German label for the production of milk products whose production is subject to special criteria. When participating in Pro Weideland extra attention is paid to grazing with an eye for nature. It aims to have a positive impact on environmental protection, animal welfare and biodiversity. Read more