The composition of dairy products is important for final inspections, export release and securing claims. This includes the composition of milk and milk products, hard and soft cheeses, butter, milk and whey powders and infant formula. Qlip has the experience and expertise to perform these analyses.

The implementation of the methods is carried out under ISO 17025 accreditation based on recognised ISO standards and IDF standards and guidelines.

Bespoke analysis packages

Customer-specific analysis packages are available for food safety, composition, quality and monitoring analysis. These tailor-made packages are put together in close consultation with the customer and our experts.

Experts in cheese analysis

We have built up advanced experience and expertise to reliably analyse all types of cheese. More than 50% of the analyses conducted are related to the production of cheese. Sample pre-treatment of cheese is challenging and difficult. For this reason we have made major investments in the optimisation and standardisation of cheese pre-treatment, and this forms part of the accredited methods. In this way we constantly guarantee the customer a reliable analysis result.

Assurance of claims

Analyses are carried out on behalf of customers for claims such as Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), cow’s milk in goat’s milk and cheese made of raw farm milk (phosphatase activity). These analyses can determine whether the claim that a product bears is justified.

Fatty acids, minerals and sugars

Analytical methods for fatty acid composition, minerals, vitamins and sugars in dairy are available and are performed on a regular basis. Ask about the possibilities.

Amino acids

A variety of amino acids can be analysed to gain insight into the nutritional value of proteins in, for example, dairy products. This research has been outsourced to Ansynth Services B.V., a specialised laboratory in amino acid analyses in food, pharma and feed. Ansynth Services B.V. is a sister company of Qlip.