Qlip has analyses and methods available specifically for the matrix dairy product. This includes the following parameters:

  • Total fats
  • Saturated fats
  • Protein
  • Sodium (Salt)
  • Total sugars
  • Carbohydrates
  • Energy
  • Dietary fibre

Nutrient analysis is important for the correct indication of the nutritional value on the label of a package. For a nutrition or health claim it is also important to ensure the amount of claimed nutrient in the product.

Reliable research into nutrients in dairy products

Qlip stands for reliable and robust research. On the basis of the analysis results you will acquire a precise insight into the composition and nutritional value of dairy products. Based on this analysis it can be determined whether the product meets product-specific requirements, or whether adjustments are necessary.

Correct nutritional value on the label

Based on the nutrient analysis results obtained, products can be labelled correctly and clearly in accordance with legal regulations.

Questions about labelling

In addition to the mandatory nutrients, specific nutrients are often also shown on the labels of dairy products, for example for infants or sports, or foods with claims: think of minerals, vitamins, specific fatty acids and proteins. In many cases we can analyse these specific nutrients. You’re welcome to discuss the options with us.

The composition of a label is subject to many rules, such as the name, list of ingredients, allergen labelling and font size. We have the expertise in house to compile product label checks.

More information or questions about nutritional value, the ‘Big 8’ and/or labelling? Please contact our experts.