If you have a complaint we would appreciate hearing from you about it. The procedures for complaints, objections and appeals are set out below.

Submitting a complaint

When do you have a complaint?
If you are dissatisfied with Qlip’s manner of service provision or with lab results from Qlip.

How do you lodge a complaint?
This can be done in writing, by letter, email (sales@qlip.nl) or by using the online form below.

What do we do with your complaint?
We register your complaint, and you receive a confirmation of receipt. We assess your complaint and inform you about its handling and the measures taken. Qlip strives to inform you about the handling of your complaint within 14 days.

Dissatisfied with how your complaint has been handled?
Then you can submit an objection.

Submitting an objection

What is an objection?
An objection is a written statement of dissatisfaction concerning a decision taken in respect of:

•          the handling of a complaint;
•          a certification audit;
•          an assessment or inspection that has been carried out.

Submitting an objection does not result in the suspension of the effect of a decision. An objection to a decision by FrieslandCampina concerning Foqus Planet accreditation must be lodged with FrieslandCampina in accordance with its objections procedure.

An objection to imposed discounts prompted by the results of a payment-criteria analysis concerning farm milk must be lodged with the relevant dairy company.

How, and during what period, can an objection be submitted?
Signed objections in writing can be sent to Qlip, P.O. Box 119, 7200 AC Zutphen (NL) or to info@qlip.com, for the attention of the director (CEO).

An objection must be lodged within the term stated in the letter in question and must in any event include:

•          the date of the lodging of the objection;
•          the name, address and telephone number of the individual lodging the objection;
•          a description of the decision against which the objection is directed;
•          a reference to the letter containing the decision, and to the date of issue of the decision;
•          the grounds on which the objection is based.

How do we handle such an objection?
We register and assess the objection, and inform you as to our decision and any measures that may be taken.

Dissatisfied with the decision?
You can submit an appeal to Qlip, unless a decision concerning BRC, IFS and/or GMP+ certification is involved. No appeal is possible against these. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Qlip about how to proceed.

Submitting an appeal

What is an appeal?
A written statement of dissatisfaction concerning a decision that has been taken in respect of an objection.

How and when does one lodge such an appeal?
The procedure for the lodging and handling of an appeal is set out in the appeal regulations. See below under ‘downloads’.

Complaint form

Through this form you can report your complaint.