Q-portal is our online customer portal for registering samples and reporting results for chemical and microbiological analyses.

In Q-portal you will find the entire portfolio of available chemical and microbiological analyses for a large number of different dairy products. Through Q-portal, you will always have insight into the status of your requests and you will always have the official test results available.

  • Available 24/7
  • Authorised results directly available
  • Interim and final reports in PDF and Excel
  • Track the status
  • Templates for repetitive requests
  • Secured environment
  • History of requests and results
  • Multiple users
  • Ask questions online

How does Q-Portal work?

You will receive barcode stickers from Qlip. After sampling, you stick a barcode sticker on the sample. In Q-portal you create an order for the corresponding barcode. Then you indicate the product and the analyses that you want to carry out. In addition, you can enter a few characteristics for your own administration.

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