A correctly calibrated FTIR instrument is crucial for the quality assurance of analytical results, which is the basis for stable production, better utilisation of raw materials, high-quality products, and profit optimisation.

However, correctly calibrating FTIR instruments requires time and expertise, which is not always available within production sites. Qlip supports dairy companies by taking the calibration out of their hands. We calibrate and validate more than 50 FTIR instruments in our in-house dairy laboratory to ensure the highest possible accuracy in our analyses. Because of this experience and expertise, Qlip is the world’s leading dairy laboratory. Customers from all over the world use our services.

To improve your process assurance, we also offer instrument validation. This determines accuracy, reproducibility and repeatability of your FTIR instrument, thereby establishing the exact accuracy with which it can be controlled in production. This prevents unnecessary discussions about the measurement results between QA/QS and the production floor.

To support the calibration service, we also offer various training courses. Our training courses are suitable for anyone working with an FTIR or NIR instrument. From operator to laboratory technician and calibration expert, we have offer the perfect in-house training to improve the level of knowledge. An important part of our training courses is sample preparation because this is where the accuracy of the analysis starts. This is also the most common error factor while working with FTIR analysers. In addition, our training is filled with practical examples from our production and topics that are important to the customer.

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