Qlip’s dairy laboratory provides all analyzes in infant formula. In the field of food safety, various analysis packages are available such as:

  • Residues and contaminants research for pesticides, dioxins, (ndl-) PCBs, MOSH / MOAH, heavy metals and aflatoxin.
  • Composition research on macronutrients (including fat, protein) and premix markers such as minerals & vitamins.
  • Full label claim research on macronutrients, fatty acid composition, minerals & vitamins and trace elements.
  • Amino acids research
  • Research on pathogens specifically for infant formula (cronobacter, listeria, salmonella, etc.).
  • Antibiotic screening study.
  • Environmental research and sampling for hygiene and food safety in the production environment.

Reliable by accreditation

With our expertise and experience, we are able to tailor-make analysis packages and comply with the applicable legislation and regulations (EU 609/2013 & EU 2016/127). The laboratory is fully specialized in analyzes of dairy products. The methods are based on ISO standards and norms and are ISO17025 accredited. During implementation, our focus is on high-quality analysis methods, reliable analysis results and fast turnaround times.

Digitization of the entire process

Together with you, we would like to look at the possibilities of transferring your analysis results from our LIMS system directly to your ERP system. This gives you immediate insight into all data and you can immediately identify any deviations. The results are immediately available for further processing in your Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

Interested? Contact our experts via sales@qlip.nl or +31 (0) 88 7547199.