“We are committed to guaranteeing the quality of milk and dairy products, every day.”

Qlip as an employer

Qlip is a professional and efficiently working organisation with a high level of knowledge. Over 250 employees work at Qlip at our locations in Zutphen and in the field throughout the Netherlands. Qlip has its own collective labour agreement (CAO). Training opportunities are available for all employees.

Qlip is the specialised service provider for quality assurance in the dairy chain (dairy farmers, dairies and the dairy trade). Our activities include certification of quality systems, supervision of private quality requirements and conducting laboratory analysis. Over 15,000 audits and inspections are carried out every year, and approximately 15 million milk samples are analysed, which lead to billions of data lines in a highly automated environment and are a source of innovative data-driven products.

Qlip has an ambitious growth strategy within the Netherlands and North-West Europe, and has already experienced growth of approximately 40% in the past 5 years.

Qlip employs motivated employees with a wide variety of backgrounds, nationalities and educational levels: a great mix to create a positive, dynamic and professional working atmosphere within the organisation.


Qlip regularly has job openings for its laboratories and departments in Zutphen and its field staff across the Netherlands. Candidates should have an MLO, HLO or HAS diploma (or equivalent). Job openings are only available on the Dutch version of our website. English speaking candidates are however welcome to send an open application using the form below.

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