18 October 2021

We are proud to announce that on 4 October, our new pre-treatment area for microbiological analysis has been put into operation in Qlip’s dairy laboratory. This so-called High Care Area is used for sample preparation for microbiological analyses in powdered dairy products, such as infant formula. In this room, very strict procedures are applied with regard to working methods, routing, disinfection of sample packaging, cleaning and disinfection. Therefore, in addition to disinfection with disinfectants, this room is also disinfected during the day with the aid of ultraviolet light (UV) and ozone. Before the samples enter the pre-treatment area, they are placed in pass-through cabinets in which UV light and ozone are also used.

In addition to this High Care Area, Qlip has taken a number of extra measures to ensure that the entire process within the laboratory meets the highest hygiene standards. These include:

  • Separate sample reception cabinet with UV light;
  • Optimisation of the routing of samples from arrival to analysis result;
  • Various extra moments for disinfection of sample materials, packaging materials and trolleys.

Qlip has invested in order to meet the highest hygiene standards as a progressive and innovative laboratory. Qlip is the first commercial laboratory with such a High Care Area for the sample preparation for microbiological analyses in powdered dairy products.

The entire process of sample treatment and weigh-in was reviewed by an external group of experts and they concluded that the entire process is fully secured and meets all the requirements of hygienic work.

The commissioning of the High Care Area and the tightened procedure will not affect the turnaround times of analyses. Furthermore, the application and reporting of analysis results will proceed in the same manner. If samples are pre-processed in the High Care Area, this will be shown in the report.

The new High Care Area and the tightened procedures allows Qlip to serve you even better in order to provide you with reliable analysis results. An overview of the matrices and analyses for which the High Care Area will be used can be viewed here.

If you have any questions about the new High Care Area, please contact the Sales Department at +31 (0)88-7547199 or sales@qlip.nl.