11 September 2019

Qlip has received the rating “Excellent” with 5 stars for its BRC certification in the Dairy product category.

BRC evaluates the Certifying Bodies twice a year in the context of its “Integrity Program”. This is based on 5 different Key Performance Indicators (KPI). In this way, BRC wants to ensure that the audits are performed in an unambiguous manner and with high quality, regardless of product, country, institution or auditor. Important criteria are quality, reporting, timely completion and participation in training courses.

The BRC has been drawn up by the UK retail sector which aims to set uniform requirements and assessments for food suppliers in the UK. These standards have also been followed in the Netherlands and many other parts of Europe. BRC is a standard to guarantee the quality and food safety of the production processes. The standard describes the hygiene and food safety requirements for the food processing companies that supply the retail sector.

With a BRC certificate, the producer demonstrates that the entire process meets the set requirements. A large number of retail organizations and supermarket chains in the Netherlands and outside the Netherlands require a BRC certificate from their suppliers. Worldwide there are 80 institutions accredited for BRC. In total, more than 110 dairy companies in the Netherlands are BRC certified.